Salutation and introductory remarks in regards to current events.

Greetings! I am Aster, and for the first blog I find it fitting to say that we are here to spread peace and knowledge. In account of present times, with political deviations, protocols, fears, misrepresentations, schemes, and chaos all around us, it appears to be only a matter of time before one side gets tired of the apparent ignorance of the followers of the contemporary model of fiscal and political engineering. In past events, those who break the peace do so in secret, in groups where and when no external eye may see. We must never be the first to strike. It is the duty of those who volunteer for the purpose of fighting to wage war and end lives. Those who lay behind must support them. Society works in circumstances surrounding faithful, dutiful, and complete function of the members thereof. So, given this framework for society, there are two conflicting ways to success: working harder until promotion, or disruption for conversion of control into the hands of said disruptors. Thus the conundrum: Does one sacrifice personal success to prevent disruption? Or, alternatively, does one follow the disruption and game the new glitch in the system generated by the movement of control? Morals and logic conflict on this point. Morally, continuation of normality is the only correct way of function. Logically, if the end goal is predetermined to be personal success, then following the change in cultural flow and attempting to manipulate it for maximum potential is in this case the correct way. That is why we have law. Where morals and logic conflict, a compromise between the two parties is struck. Depending on the issue or the goal, logic or morals are interchanged and filtered for proper procedure. Unfortunately, power corrupts those who hold it. Fear is a powerful weapon. Science can be the ultimate administrator of fear. Science is unsettlable. Not all questions will be answered by human minds, yet solutions and answers must exist or reality is incomplete, open ended, and paradoxical, derealizing itself by placing unanswerable questions in place of realistic possibility. Thus society is paradoxical. The inteligence required to understand the why and how of its existence also disrupts it for the chance of power. But society must exist, and we must strive to make it as perfect as possible, discerning places of logic and morals. Thank you, readers for stopping by, and I do hope to speak again soon!

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